About Soil and TheBestCandle.com

In 1997, Chad Somers & Tama Ewers, two fledgling attorneys looking to branch out from the confined boundaries of the legal profession, sat down at their dining room table and drew up a business plan.  That night, Soil was born.

The well-known Riviera Village Kiosk in Redondo Beach would be home to the new store.  Over the next year, Chad and Tama scoured the country for the best collection of garden & lifestyle products and gifts, founded a non-profit school gardening program and renovated the small kiosk building before opening their doors for business.

Shortly after, Chad and Tama created TheBestCandle.com. TheBestCandle.com is a website that sells Trapp Candles, the best scented candles, at unbeatable prices. 

10 years later, Chad & Tama met a bright, talented, and ambitious young girl. That girl was Maria Saucedo.  Maria started first as an employee, then a manager, and eventually became a partner for Soil and TheBestCandle.com.  

Now, Maria and her fiance, Matthew Mammone continue to travel the country looking for handcrafted items and unusual products to bring to their customers. They continue to grow Soil and TheBestCandle.com, while preserving all of the charm originally instilled by Chad and Tama.